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GCD and thread

DispatchWorkItem, DispatchGroup, DispatchBarrier, DispatchSemaphore, DispatchSources

NSOperation queue

Sometimes, we need extra control over the execution. To be able to cancel a task in GCD, create a work item:

If task is not started, then this…

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The application life cycle constitutes the sequence of events that occurs between the launch and termination of application.

  • Not Running state
  • Inactive state
  • Active state
  • Background state
  • Suspended state

To know more about application life…

(DispatchWorkItem, DispatchGroup, DispatchBarrier, DispatchSemaphore, DispatchSources)


Instead of writing code block under specific queue. You can have a block of code which can be executed on any thread

A DispatchWorkItem is a block of code that can be dispatched on any queue and therefore the contained code to be executed on a background, or the main…

NSOperation, advantage of NSOperation, operation

If want to know about what is thread, multi thread and how gcd works please refer my first blog here.

NSOperation queue:-

Another way to create thread is using operation. After you have created instances of your operations, submit the operations to OperationQueue. …

gcd, thread, multi thread, process

The most important one which every user expects include execution of demanding tasks in less time, best user experience, no frozen user interfaces, and so on. Now a days every device support multiple CPU cores to achieve this. Multiple cores allow to run multiple processes at the same time. …

Hi friends, in this blog we will discuss about how multiple projects are handled in iOS.

🎯 Challenges which we face with single project.

  • Consider a situation that you have one application that will be published in various countries with some different features but also it have some same features. …

In Xcode 11 & iOS 13 +

Earlier to Xcode 11/iOS 13, when you create a new project, some default files like AppDelegate.swift, ViewController.swift and a Main.storyboard and few other files were created but from Xcode 11 you might have noticed that along with the default files like above, a new file SceneDelegate.swift is also created.


  • The application life cycle constitutes the sequence of events that occurs between the launch and termination of application.
  • It is very important to understand for all the iOS Developers, who wants smooth user experience.
  • When user turn on the phone, no applications are running except app which belong to OS.When…

It is used to restrict parts of your app’s source code. This essentially helps for prohibiting other modules, frameworks, classes and code from using your code.


  • Ability to clearly define a public API for your code
  • Hide private implementation details

The 5 Access Levels In Swift

  1. open and public — anyone can access, within the…

To make your app beautiful in any screen and orientation is a challenging task. Autolayout make it easy to support different screen sizes in your apps. First will try to understand the autolayout fundamental before learning programatic layouts. Click here to know about autolayout fundamental.

There are two ways you…

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