Access Control in Swift

  • Ability to clearly define a public API for your code
  • Hide private implementation details

The 5 Access Levels In Swift

  1. open and public — anyone can access, within the module, and in code that imports the module
  2. internal — anyone can access, but only within the module (default)
  3. fileprivate — anyone can access, but only within the current Swift file
  4. private — only the enclosing declaration can access, such as a class or struct.
  • public classes and class members can only be subclassed and overridden within the defining module (target where they’re defined).
  • open classes and class members can be subclassed and overridden both within and outside the defining module (target where they’re defined).
  • Imagine a module is a bundle of code. Your single Xcode project/framework/bundle is considered as a single module.
  • Even UIKit is considered as one module. For example, when you try to interact with UIComponents such as UITableView, UIButton, UIViewController, and so on, you have to import the UIKit library/module on the top.

Rules which need to follow while using Access control :-

  1. A function/property or any characteristic of class/struct/enum/protocol cannot have a higher access level than its defined access level.
This would fail since variable a has more access than the class A
This would fail since the setter has more access than the property and its getter
An overridden function cannot be private.
solution: use private for tuple variable
solution: use private or fileprivate for function in class B or set class B as private

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iOS Developer in walmart

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