Different ways to pass data between viewcontrollers/views

  1. using property
  2. using functions.
  3. using init method
  4. using segues
  5. using closures
  6. using delegates
  7. using NotificationCenter
  8. using Singleton

Passing Data by using property or function:

1. Passing data between two viewcontroller using property 2. Passing data between two viewcontroller using function

Passing data in init method:

Passing data using segues:

  • You need to create a segue between viewcontrollers in storyboard
  • Assign an identifier name to segue.
  • use prepare(for:sender:) method to pass the function.
  1. Control + click the UI element you are going to use to make the bridge and drag to the second View Controller and then add the identifier to the segue.
1. Creating segue between VC by Control + click the UIButton 2. Creating Segue Identifier
  • after adding segue, add UIButton/UIControl subclass programatically or through storyboard
  • add Target/IBAction to the UIButton/UIControl.
  • then use performSegue(withIdentifier: “”, sender: ) in Target/IBAction to create the bridge between two view controllers.
1. Creating segue between viewcontrollers. create bridge by Control + click on viewcontroller 2. perform segue for IBAction with id and pass data to the secondVC from firstVC.
  • After creating segue using any one of the way, override the prepare(for segue: UIStoryboardSegue, sender: Any?) method to pass data.

Passing data with closures:

Passing data with delegates:

1. Implemented child VC delegate in parent VC 2. sending data from child VC back to it’s owner

Passing data by using Singleton object:

Singleton object is created and used in class A

Passing data by using Notification Center:

1. Sending data from second view controller using notification center post method. 2. Added observer in receiver view controller




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