Top 20 iOS interview Questions — Part 1

General Questions:

  1. Tell me about yourself?
  2. What are the challenges you faced in the project?
  3. Tell me about your role in your project?
  4. Explain the architecture of your project?

Questions on Swift:

  1. Differentiate ‘app ID’ from ‘bundle ID’. Explain why they are used?
  1. Using Storyboard
  2. Using XIB
  3. Creating views programatically.
  1. Freeing or overwriting data when object is in use. It causes crash or data corruption.
  2. Not freeing up the object if it is not in use. It leads memory leak.
  3. App crashes
  1. Allocation: Takes memory from a stack or heap.
  2. Initialization: init code runs.
  3. Usage: The object is used
  4. Deinitialization: deinit code runs.
  5. Deallocation: Returns memory to a stack or heap.
  1. using property
  2. using functions.
  3. using init method
  4. using segues
  5. using closures
  6. using delegates
  7. using NotificationCenter
  8. using Singleton




iOS Developer in walmart

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Manasa M P

Manasa M P

iOS Developer in walmart

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